March of the Phantom Brigade

Time To Meet The Vladistones

Picking up where the heroes left off. They finished exploring the castle by checking out the graveyard. There was only 1 headstone that was still legible reading Oldivya Vladistone Wife and Friend. Someone recalled her belonging to a group of adventures a long time ago called Silver Company. The strange thing about the graveyard was it seemed like it was tended to. The group gave the O.K. for the caravan to enter the castle walls. Aldius and his acolytes began preparing for the consecration ritual. Malgram and some of the guards took up lookout duty on the walls. Faldyra questioned the group about the jellies and if they found anything in the castle. She revealed that Galep-Dreidel is a proper name from an ancient language called Oerth, and it came from a distant land called Greyhawk. Before the ritual began a great ghostly tower emerged within seconds then became solid, looking as new as the day it was built. Upon further inspection there were no doors or windows, and was harmless to touch. Not wanting anymore surprises Aldius started the ritual. Malgram seeing that castle was about to be attacked, ordered the heroes to protect the front gate. When they got there the was hundreds of blue lights in the sky. Eventually some of the lights slammed into the ground producing zombies and skeletons. The heroes obliterated wave after wave of the undead with no problems. Aramil was even granted a boon (for knowing the difference between unaligned and evil) to use a power twice. Eventually the ritual was completed, destroying all the remaining enemies. The strange thing was the ritual didn’t get rid of the ghostly tower though, making Aldius believe that it is not a threat. There was much celebration. Malgram treated the heroes like equals, even addressing them by their real names. Malgram gave Zweeno armor he had from a fallen friend. Aldius in turn gave his old armor to Vondal. The celebration was cut short when an angry Dwarf ghost named Salazar Vladistone appeared at the edge of the barrier, demanding the spell be taken down. He referred to this area as sacred ground, and threatened the settlers to leave or die. Zweeno picked up he had the same last name as the one on the headstone. Faldyra asked him about the name. Salazar ordered them not to desecrate her name with their unworthy tongues. He did reveal though she was his wife. Aramil did remember Salazar being in a group called Silver Company. When it became apparent as impasse was reached, the ghost turned and walked away with these haunting words. “You have denied but a single tortured spirit this night. But we shall see how well you fare against the Phantom Brigade.” The next session will pick up 6 months after the exchange between Salazar and your group. It is in the dead of winter. Your characters have free range in what they were doing during this time. To help with some starting points. The settlement will need a clinic, helping Faldyra try to unlock the mystery of the “Ghost Tower”, assist Malgram in tracking down Salazar, or help the settlement build and establish better trade routes. We will begin trying to figure out what happened to Zweeno, and who is this mysterious Dragonborn that took his place.


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