March of the Phantom Brigade

The Adventure Begins!

Two beginnings.

The Adventure takes place in the Nentir Vale, a thinly settled part of the world. The area is cold, but dry with very little snowfall. The Vale is home to dwarves, orcs, and some elves. This is a great place to try to begin a new life, or lay low.

The adventure will begin from two places. The first is from a small northern town called Nenlast. You are the newest member of a mercenary group named The Silver Shield. The group is backed by an enigmatic employer, who only interacts with your boss a Dragonborn named Barash. The organization only takes on honorable quests(you won’t be helping any raiding parties). That said the members here are very rough around the edges, very much a boys club. Your character has only received small missions at this point, but now it’s time for you to take on a bigger job. The second place is in the largest city in the Nentir Vale called Hammerfast. This area is a necropolis, home to both the living and dead. A young dwarf cleric is looking to start a new settlement deep in the untamed wilderness. He has placed through out the nearby settlements posters and flyers searching to join him in this journey. He is promising a new life, and a small stipend to get started. If interested meet at the outside walls of Hammerfast.


I’m thinking of a Defender (Cavalier) who is none too bright. I don’t remember if anyone had any definite ideas on what they wanted beyond Rich not wanting to do a monk. The only thing I really think we have to have is a Leader character type (not has to be the actual group leader) for healing.

The Adventure Begins!

Aw shit! I just read a little more on the cavalier and I can take a path that can mimick some healing abilities so we may not HAVE to have a healer type.

The Adventure Begins!

My Minotaur will fit in perfectly to this corner of the world for sure. Definitely enjoyed the first session!

The Adventure Begins!
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