March of the Phantom Brigade

To Take The Mountain Path Turn To Page 23.

Late at night during the heroes rest, they heard flapping overhead. Vondal saw it was a raven with a message on it. Aramil used a magic missile to shoot it down, and read the message. It contained details on their encounter with the stirges, and was signed with the same symbol that was on the letter delivered by Tauron to Malgram. Zweeno destroyed the letter. The next day some of the settlers thanked the heroes for defending them. Aramil was approached by a mysterious robed person, that revealed an item he was looking at back in Hammerfell. He was willing to sell it real cheap, and told Aramil to find him within the caravan if he was interested. Late morning the caravan came to a stop, when Aldius and Malgram were arguing whether to take the mountain path or forrest path. The heroes joined in on the debate. After some time and some members switching stances, Tauron became impatient and erupted to take the mountain path. Malgram and Aramil were not happy about this, but that was the path the caravan took. Late in the afternoon Malgram approached the heroes, he wanted them to escort an important elf wizard named Faldyra to find some rare herbs. While digging in the soil and talking to the heroes, she came across an Amulet of Health and gave it to Vondal. A short time later her and the group were attacked by 2 Guard Drakes and 3 Spitting Drakes. It was a hard fought battle, with Zweeno cheating death with help from Vondal, but the drakes were defeated. Faldyra in tears wanted to get back to the caravan immediately, and asked the heroes to tell Malgram what happened when she’s not around. Now the group has to take the long trip back to the caravan.


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