March of the Phantom Brigade

The Roof is On Fire

After the battle with the armigers the heroes started to make their way back to Iverness, to see what the pop and shockwave was. Tauron and Vondal felt drawn to a zone in the snow covered field. When they entered they noticed time on the outside stopped. Vondal felt it was a reward from Pelor to provide the group a much needed rest. After their rest they rushed back to Iverness. When they got there, they saw Iverness in flames, and spectral soldiers laying siege to the town. They saw settlers either fighting the ghosts, fires or fleeing. The heroes tried to make their way across a field between the Harken Forrest and the front gate of Iverness. The area was guarded by the spectral soldiers, and it wasn’t long to they were detected. Strangely the guards didn’t stop them from entering, but they did send a warning they were there. As they entered the town, they saw a haggard Malgram escorting terrified settlers out of the city. He was glad to see the heroes was safe, but was saddened to hear about Splintershield. He told them the barrier went down shortly after that the ghostly soldiers invaded. It wasn’t long to the town became overrun and the town was lost. Now Malgram was trying to get as many settlers out as he could, Faldyra is still missing. The heroes quickly went to go in to find her, Malgram told them before they left he is taking the refugees a half mile south of Iverness. Tauron told Malgram he should help, he didn’t. Once in the town things were grim. They would see spirits enter homes which was either followed by the residents fleeing or scream then silence. The group became separated from Abraxus when he heard the cries of help from Zweenos old friend Geofrey. Without hesitating he entered to help him, the same armiger they face in the field was in Geofreys house. The ghost wanted Abraxus to get Geofrey out of the house. He told him they were given orders to drive out the residents, if they didn’t comply they had to kill them. It was revealed that the Phantom Brigade had a honorable past and they followed their orders to the letter. When Abraxus and Geofrey left the house the armiger warned them to leave, because you can’t kill ghosts. Abraxus got Geofrey to help and he rejoined the group. A group of spirits were waiting for the heroes 2 justicars, 2 armigers (same ones they faces in the field) and 6 squires. The heroes were very tactical and finished off their foes, but used up valuable dailies, action points and healing in the process. Afterwards Vondal spotted in a burning building a Flaming Mace, then they heard the screams of Faldyra coming from the graveyard.


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