March of the Phantom Brigade

The Death of Aldius Splintershield

Aldius found himself in a middle of a trap. After a phantom bardiche ran through him, he found himself surrounded by four ghostly Armigers. They dispatched of him quickly and made sure he died. As soon as he did the heroes heard a loud pop and felt a shockwave come from the same direction as Iverness. While the Armigers were cutting down Splintershield, the heroes were being held off by their squires. The spirits were behaving as if they were on the right side of the law. One seemed to question the orders they were given though. It was a very (mentally) bloody battle where at different parts of the battle each hero came close to death. As each hero came close to dying they heard something different in their head. The tide of the battle turned when Tauron discovered the spirits weakness. Eventually the spirits were bested, most vowing they will see them later. After inspecting Aldius they discovered a cloak for Aramil. Now with Vondal almost out of healing surges the group must make haste for Iverness.


sgt4623 sgt4623

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