March of the Phantom Brigade

That Didn't Go As Planned

It’s 2 months after the fall of Iverness, the day after Siege Day. Reports are flooding in of Salazar and his Phantom Brigade destroying village after village, just like Iverness. It’s apparent they are making their way to Hammerfast and will arrive any day now. Most of the residents has fled, but the ones that stayed fortified the city and prepared for the upcoming battle. That night a lot of people including the heroes gathered at The Foundation Stone for possibly one last meal before the battle. A well dressed Tiefling entered the tavern shaking hands and conversing with the guards and patrons. He approached your table and yelled “food and drinks are on me for the heroes of Iverness”. After a few minutes Tuaron and Aramil recognized him from the caravan that tried to sell Aramil a bloody staff and enter Iverness. He claims that after they chased him away he researched all the “heroes” and found that one of them is a murderer. The conversation got very heated very quickly. Getting up he revealed he made all his money as a slaver. He said it was a shame he didn’t have more time, because he found buyers for each of the heroes. Tauron hearing enough rushed and grabbed him. The tiefling tried to escape and get the guards to help, but before they could Aramil grabbed an envelope from his satchel. It turned out to be an invoice with slaves, location, pick up point, date (2 days after Siege Day), and time. They had the guards throw him in jail. The next morning there was commotion at the wall. A vast ghost army (500) approach Hammerfast. Salazar was in front leading his army. He’s blaming Hammerfast for spawning the corruption keeping him from his wife. He demanded they hand over Faldyra and they would leave. His request was denied which angered him, but instead of charging he summoned the ghosts from within the walls to attack. He now controls all the ghosts in the Vale. Malgram came and told the heroes to get to the library right now and see Faldyra. Malgram and a few guards took your place. Before Tauron left he reminded him to take the brooch he gave him to Barash back in Nenlast after this was done. He wished them well. Making their way to the library 6 spirits (3 dwarfs, 3 orcs) attacked the heroes. The heroes were in big trouble until the spirits who fell in battle breaking Salazars control, came back to help them. The heroes eventually won, but expended a lot of energy. They finally reached the library. When they finally got deep into the library, Faldyra blurted out “It seems Salazar Vladistone is a great hero”.


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