March of the Phantom Brigade

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time

The adventure picks back up in the wilderness. The heroes convince Faldyra to finish collecting the herbs and roots she was collecting. She got into more detail about the consecration ritual and Iverness. Turns out the spirits may not be as friendly as the ones in the rest of the Vale. The consecration ritual will get rid of all spirits and keep any unwelcome guests out. Before leaving the spitting drakes were milked for their acid, which filled 1 vial. It was later given to Falyra to try to create something with it.
The group returned to camp without incident. Malgram was waiting for them, when he found out the group was attacked by drakes, he became very angry. Faldyra is way to important in this mission, and her not taking heed to Malgrams warnings not to go. He is also angry with Aldius and Tauron for siding against him in which path to take. He dismissed everyone except the heroes to ask if they know anything of a person sneaking around in the camp and a raven that didn’t reach it’s destination. The group denied any knowledge of either incident. He gave each member 50 gp. before he left. Before turning in Aldius came over and blessed each of the heroes.
Late that evening Aramil was awoken by the man trying to sell him the staff he was looking at back in Hammerfast. On his way to meet the stranger he intentionally kicked Tauron to gain his attention. The stranger turned out to be a Teifling wizard. He offered the staff and eventually a second item for only a blessing. Aramil stalled him long enough for Tauron to reach him. The Tiefling realizing he was in danger fled through a portal in which the adventurers saw a city. After the portal closed a blood stained staff appeared.
Late the next day the caravan reached Iverness. Faldyra filled you in a little more about this place. There is a lot of ghost activity here and the people of Nentir Vale refer to this place as the Ghost Tower. There is another one in Witchlight Fens and another where it’s location is often disputed. The group was tasked by Aldius to search the castle to clear out any danger so he and his acolytes can perform the ritual. Faldyra wants you to keep an eye out for any points of interest.
As the characters entered the main gate each one felt a strong sense of dread come over them. Aramil detected it was an old spell to keep intruders out, also he noted that the power and technique used is alien to this world. Next in the center of the courtyard stands a circle of stones, where the tower once stood. The stones were older than any structure you have ever seen, also there was no rubble and it seemed no solid ground existed in the original tower. There was an inscription in the center from an unknown language which said Galap-Driedel. The next area was a fountain clear of all vegetation. One of the heroes noticed that their were two very large ochre jellies in the fountain. Like every other battle so far this was tough when the jellies seemed like they were about to die they split into smaller ones. All the heroes walked away banged up, but alive. Tauron discovered a war hammer in the fountain which must of fallen out from the jelly after it devoured it’s former owner. Finally the group entered one of the towers, where Zweeno examined and realized that the damage is likely from an earthquake but there were no large stones. Also the foundation doesn’t follow the contours of the hilltop, and maybe it was somehow moved here. The last place left unexplored is the graveyard.


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