March of the Phantom Brigade

I'm Sure He's Fine

The heroes start off entering a long hallway. When they entered they saw an image of Silver Company fleeing from something. Then the hallway returned to its current dark, neglected state. Next the group entered the sleeping quarters. A new scene from the past washed over the room. It showed members of Silver Company tending to their wounds, when their gnome illusionist Milligan Three-Toes stated Actherimos isn’t too dangerous on his own, but his death throes can collapse every passage from here to Hammerfast killing who knows how many people. We can’t win. Then the scene disappeared and rising from the beds were 4 ghouls. Before anyone could attack a carrion crawler emerged from the wall skittered between everyones legs and attacked the group from the back. Aramil and Abraxus packed a deadly combo of the wizard restraining the ghouls and Abraxus mowing them down one by one. In the hall Vondal and Tauron were taking one the crawler until it grabbed Tauron and dragged him down the hall into the darkness. Vondal went in the sleeping quarters to help finish the ghouls. After the ghouls were dealt with Tauron entered the room covered in bug guts. Aramil deduced that the images and stasis was a combination of a time trap and The Arrow of Time, and the spell was stronger the further in the monastery they go. Tauron opened a chest and found some armor for himself.
Next they entered the meditation room. A now familiar image of the Silver Company appeared. The human wizard Tomas Alderson that he prepared a ritual that would allow him to subdue but not kill the duergar and Actherimos freezing them in time. The room flashes back to the present housing 2 guard dredger and 2 scout duergar. The guards were handled pretty well, but the scouts proved to be a nuisance. Eventually the heroes cornered and finished off the scouts. They checked the room and found a head item for Aramil. After surveying the area they think they can rest through the night and be fresh for their final push.


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