March of the Phantom Brigade

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost

The heroes finally found Falyra and confront Salazar Vladistone. Salazar had a sword on Falyra’s neck demanding she lifts whatever curse was put on this spot, not allowing him to communicate with his dead wife. He blames all the settlers especially Splintersheild for separating him from his wife. He revealed that after he was turned away he was seeking his revenge. That is when he came across a group of ancient soldier ghosts from the Nerath era now called the Phantom Brigade. By pure chance Salazar also came across in the forrest a dead plague demon, where he placed it in the main water supply to set a trap to kill Splintershield and end the consecration spell. After the spell was broken he ordered the Phantom Brigade to drive out the residents. Tauron questioned his honor in which he pointed out that the only settlers that were killed were the ones that wouldn’t leave or fought back. Also no one prevented the settlers from fleeing. He stated that the Phantom Brigade follows their orders to the letter. To prove his point he allowed Faldyra to leave before engaging in combat with the heroes. Abraxus started the fight when he rushed one of the Templars. The phantoms fought hard but were systematically weakened by Tauron, Abraxus, and Vondal, then finished off by Aramils Magic Missile. Shortly after Tauron made a critical hit, Salazar was defeated. Before he and the rest of the spirits vanished he made an ominous threat. He stated that all the living will suffer his pain. Malgram and Faldyra caught up with the heroes. Malgram said the town was lost, and they should fall back to Hammerfast. He sent his scouts to retrieve Splintershields body so he can have a proper funeral. Before heading out Malgram gave Tauron a brooch he had on him. He instructed that when the Salazar and his brigade are taken care of, to return to Nenlast with the other heroes and give the brooch to Barash (the dragonborn who gave you this assignment). The third chapter takes place 2 months after the fall of Iverness. Reports are coming in of Salazar and the Phantom Brigade destroying settlements across the Nentir Vale. It seems that they are making their way to Hammerfast. Most of the residents have either fled or are preparing for the upcoming battle. The slavers have still been active in the area. Faldyra has been trying to get any info she can on Salazar, The Phantom Brigade and The Ghost Tower.


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