March of the Phantom Brigade

Deer Usually Don't Attack People

The second part of the adventure begins in the now thriving town of Iverness. 6 months have passed and it is in the dead of winter. There have been no sign of Salazar Vladistone and spirits are up. Vondal was rushed to the front gate where he came across 2 dying humans. He used up half of his healing energy, but he saved the men. They told him they escaped from slavers. Vondal met up with his friends at the tavern, where he shared his newfound info. This news did not please Tauron and wanted to track down the slavers at daybreak, Malgram agreed. Faldyra joined the group at the table quietly eating her root soup, frustrated in not making any progress with the Ghost Tower. The heroes overhear several foresters talking about strange happenings in the Harken Forrest. Mainly about dead animals with strange red crystal like lesions. The group joined the conversation. They discovered there is no visible injuries besides the crystals breaking through the skin, Vondal knew these are not natural or known symptoms. Another forester talked about a deer with the crystals attacking a person, Tauron dug deep in his knowledge in nature and came up with that’s not normal. Finally a trapper saw strange lights in the forrest. Suddenly without warning a portal appeared, Zweeno vanished and a new Dragonborn took his place (see Abraxus for better detail). After intense questioning he turns out to be Zweenos cousin Abraxus. Turns out the same wizard Zweeno talked about tricked Abraxus and swapped places with Zweeno. After everything was explained everyone calmed down. Aldius abruptly entered the tavern and asked the heroes, Malgram, and Faldyra to follow him. Lain at the gate were 5 foresters all dead with the same crystal lesions that were described earlier. Aramil stated that the lesions are magical, but are inert when they died. While Aramil was leaning over the foresters one grabbed him saying “The demon of the forest-a plague-drank the water-others may yet live” then died for real. 2 search parties were formed with Malgram heading west and the heroes heading east, Aldius insisted on going despite most of the peoples protests. It didn’t take long before they found signs of the missing foresters. Even from a distance they can tell they were infected and insane.The heroes and Aldius fought the ax wielding foresters. Abraxus and Aldius showed they can hold their own in combat. They put their foes out of their misery without much incident. Tauron found an Amulet of Protection. With a little rest, and the healer still only having half his surges left they pushed on to find the source of the plague. First they came across a cave that had 2 dead bears in it. They were infected and killed each other. Next was a a pool of water that should be frozen but instead is actually having steam coming off of it. The water was black and was identified to be where the foresters camped and became infected. The third place explored was a crater. In it were the crystals you are now familiar with. Aramil knew this phenomena was from another plain. Abraxus noticed something was dragged from the crater. You followed the tracks until you came across the source of the contamination. A plague demon was placed into a main water source. Aldius decided to do another consecration ritual to cleanse the area. When the ritual reached the end it sprung a magical trap. Everyone felt a pulse of energy, vile and oily and it all converged onto Aldius. Just then you see a ghostly spear jutting from the ground piercing Aldius’ chest, causing a sickening noise, Splintershields mouth hangs open in shock.


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