March of the Phantom Brigade

Arrow Of Time!!!!!!

The heroes are deep within the library in Hammerfast, while the city is under siege by Salazar’s ghost army. Faldyra and Aramil share with the rest of the group all they know about the Vladstones, The Ghost Tower and how to stop Salazar. Both Salazar and Oldyvia belong to a famous group of adventurers about 60 years ago called Silver Company. They were best known for entering and exploring The Ghost Tower when it first appeared in the Nentir Vale. They were searching for a dangerous weapon within the tower. Oldyvia died during this mission. The company buried her there in Iverness to either guard the location or move on to be with her deity. After her death Salazar remain with Silver Company but was becoming more and more reckless with each mission. When his companions challenged him about this, he shrugged it off stating he’s getting results and if he dies in the process he’ll be with his wife for eternity sooner. The last records of Salazar living was when the Silver Company entered a dwarven monastery to drive out duergar that set up shop in there. As usual the company was successful in there mission but Salazar didn’t make it. Apparently he sacrificed himself to save the rest of his group.
Vondal then questioned how can they stop Salazar. Faldyra told the heroes about the weapon Salazar recovered from The Ghost Tower, called the Arrow of Time. The arrow doesn’t just kill its enemy, but completely erase them from ever existing. Thus undoing all that has been done by it good and bad. The major problem is that it can only be used on the living, making it useless on Salazar. Faldyra sees 2 options. Option 1: Kill whatever killed Salazar in the monastery with the arrow, causing him Salazar to die in his natural course and undoing all he has done as a spirit. Option 2: Don’t use the arrow and give it to Salazar and hope he returns it to The Ghost Tower, causing the tower to go away and allow him to communicate with Oldyvia again. But all the damage he has done up to this point will remain unchanged. Faldyra believes the arrow is with Salazars remains in the monastery. She warns that no one has been there since Silver Company. There has been a lot of unnatural earthquakes there and believe that the duergar problem was never solved but were trapped by a cave in.
Malgram stressed to her the importance of Taurons employer to remember the heroes actions. She quickly concocted 1 potion that should help him retain his memory. After the heroes set off she’ll leave with librarian Erica Swain to Nenlast to deliver the potion. She gave a writ to obtain horses, a bow for Abraxus, papers to enter the path to the monastery, password to enter, and a ring for Aramil along with a passionate kiss. She wished the group to be safe and set off.
On top of everything else the small window of opportunity to stop the Tieflings slave deal from going down was closing. Tauron stated they should use the arrow on whatever killed Salazar taking the heroes back in time where they can take care of the tiefling before he gets started. So for now they left the slaves to meet their fate, and made off to the monastery. Escaping the castle was no easy feat with a horde of spirits closing in on the mounted heroes. Then Malgram and his soldiers intervened allowing the heroes to escape.
It took several hours to reach the monastery. It was apparent no one was there for decades. They saw at a distance 3 spirits mounted on ghostly horses one being Salazar. He warned them about entering there and suffering the same fate he did. Vondal sensed he was genuinely concerned for them. Tauron tried to get him join them even offering up the arrow when they got it. Between not wanting anything to do with this place, and not trusting the heroes he left. Tauorn frustrated said the password and the doors slid open.
When they lit up the room they discovered guarding the room were 2 ghouls, 2 zombies and a flaming skeleton. It was a fairly even battle with the heroes coming out on top. The second set of doors slid open so they can enter. Before they enter they took a short rest, when Aramils ring flashed once then went out.


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