March of the Phantom Brigade

Are We There Yet

The adventure starts with a mercenary group called the Iron Shield. Two new recruits named Zweeno and Tauron caught the attention of their enigmatic employer, who sent an important job their way. The mission was given to them by their Captain Barash. They were to report to Barash’s friend and guard Captain Malgram, to serve on a guard detail to a group of new settlers from Hammerfast. Barash handed Tauron a letter to deliver to Malgram, which he did with no incident. Meanwhile at Hammerfast before the mercenaries arrive, the leader of the settlers a young cleric named Aldius Splintershield meets within the group a wizard named Aramil and fellow dwarf cleric Vondal. Thinking they can handle their own in a fight he asks if they can help with security, they agree. Both the new mercs and settlers come together where they meet the guard Captain Malgram. He didn’t endear himself with anyone, especially Aramil whom became the groups Lt. Before heading out the group had a chance to purchase some new equipment, this did not go well. Aldius whether through pity or generosity got Zweeno a shield he was eyeing up. All members within the group joined in a prayer led by Aldius, while Malgram shrugged it off. Then they set off into the wilds for a three to four day journey, with the party guarding the last four carriages. After a long first day the caravan had to split into smaller groups to cross a stream. When the final four carriages went to cross, the group was attacked by 5 stirges. The group did very well with no injuries to the settlers or horses. Malgram observed this. For a job well done Aldius grated the group a full nights rest. While resting they hear flapping overhead.


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